Lynda Carter Has a New Song Out, and It’s Inspired By WW84′s Diana and Steve

Lynda Carter, the OG on-screen version of Wonder Woman, had a delightful cameo at the end of Wonder Woman 1984 as the golden armored Amazonian, Asteria.

When she was filming her scene for the movie, she was also in the throes of writing a song about love, initially inspired by her late husband, Robert A. Altman. Seeing Gal Gadot and Chris Pine’s cinematic love between Diana and Steve, however, helped her finish the ballad.

The single is called “Human and Divine,” and while Carter was inspired by her own love as well as the love she saw between Steve and Diana, she thinks the song will speak to everyone.

“When Patty Jenkins cast me as Asteria in the Wonder Woman 1984 movie, the song and lyrics then became about the love between Steve and Diana,” Carter told The Hollywood Reporter. “However, I quickly realized this is the love we all yearn for. It is an anthem to the great love stories of the ages. My hope is that this song will inspire the connection to the love in your own life.”

The song, which you can listen to above, certainly touches on love and is set to be released on Oct. 29, right before the 80th anniversary of Wonder Woman.

Carter also shared with THR her feelings about the character she described as being her most meaningful work. “She took a chance,” she said to THR about Wonder Woman’s decision to leave her home of Themyscira. “She went into an unknown world and she went out for the right reasons. She explored and she learned.”

This song is lovely and all, but I also can’t help but wonder if we’ll see Carter in any future DCEU films reprising her recent role as Asteria. THR, luckily, had the same question. And while Carter didn’t say anything definitive, she did say that she’d be willing to play the part again. Your move, Patty Jenkins.


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