Watch a New Trailer for the Second Season of Netflix’s Locke & Key

Netflix adapted Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez’s excellent horror comic Locke & Key last year, and quickly renewed the series for a second season. The streaming service just debuted a full trailer for that new season, which is due to drop on October 22nd.

Hill and Rodriguez’s series follows the Locke family after they move into their ancestral home of Lovecraft, Maine after father Randall Locke is killed. The family’s three children, Tyler, Kinsey, and Bode begin to adjust to their new lives and schools, and soon discover that the house has a ton of hidden keys that impart special abilities to users.

The series took some liberties with the comics, but roughly keeps the same premise. There’s a demonic creature, Dodge (played by Laysla De Oliveira), that’s trying to get the keys for its own purposes. This new trailer serves as a bit of a catch-up for the first season, and teases some new secrets and threats. The three kids think that they’ve defeated Dodge, but she’s used one of the keys to disguise herself as Kinsey’s boyfriend Gabe (played by Griffin Gluck).

There are plenty of other keys to be revealed this season, and it looks as though Dodge is after their source. In the comics, the story stretched back to the American Revolution, where soldiers discovered a portal to a horrifying dimension: the source of the metal used to make the keys. It looks as though we’ll be getting some glimpses of that in season two. Deadline notes that this season will see the arrival of a new character, Frederick Gideon (Kevin Durand), one of those Revolutionary War soldiers who becomes a major threat to the Locke family.

The show will be back for a third season, reports Deadline, and has already completed its production in Toronto.

Season two of Locke & Key returns on October 22nd.


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