A Time Traveler’s Work Is Never Done, So Quantum Leap May Get Rebooted

Not for the first time, we’re thinking about what a Quantum Leap reboot might look like—but this time we’re talking about it because of star Scott Bakula, who told Bob Saget (on Saget’s podcast) that “significant conversations” are happening about a new version of the series.

Bakula also noted that he’s not sure what the state of the rights to the show are. So maybe this will never happen. But maybe it will.

Quantum Leap ran for five seasons of body-hopping and historical hijinks. Sam Beckett (Bakula) is a physicist who involuntarily “leaps” through time into the bodies of other people and regularly finds himself in a place and time where a major historical error needs correcting. Dean Stockwell plays his friend Admiral Al Calavicci, who can appear to Sam as a hologram, which is very handy when one is stumbling through the past alone.

A few years back, Leah Schnelbach argued that Quantum Leap’s real mission was to build a better America. The show was a sci-fi comedy, but tackled serious issues—and we’ve got plenty of those for a new Leaper to address through time travel. On Saget’s podcast, Bakula said he’s had conversations with series creator Donald P. Bellisario about the show returning in some way, telling Bellisario, “If you have an idea, just write it.”

Let’s hope Bellisario is writing.


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