In Finch, Tom Hanks Is Gonna Save His Dog No Matter What |

In Finch, Tom Hanks Is Gonna Save His Dog No Matter What

Good morning, dystopian wasteland! What a way to start the week: with Tom Hanks and a cute dog traversing a destroyed world full of dust tornados and burning heat. Sounds fun, right? Finch, from Game of Thrones director Miguel Sapochnik, seems precisely engineered to manipulate the feelings of dog lovers. You can threaten Tom Hanks with global disaster all you like, but leave the puppers out of it.

To be fair, the point of this movie seems to be saving the dog; Finch (Hanks), a robotics engineer, creates the robot friend to look after Goodyear the dog after Finch himself dies. (Goodyear? Tom Hanks is only allowed to hang out with brand names when he’s stranded and alone.) How the dog is going to survive, I don’t know exactly. Maybe the robot manufactures dog food.

“It all happened so fast,” Finch laments about the catastrophe that seems to have rendered the earth largely uninhabitable. There are people somewhere—lurking in the shadows, apparently—but the film’s catastrophe seems pretty all-encompassing.

Finch—formerly titled Bios, which is not much catchier—is co-written by Craig Luck (his first feature film) and Ivor Powell, who was a producer on Alien and Blade Runner but has been quiet in the decades since.  The film was originally intended to be released in October 2020, then April 2021, and now will arrive on Apple on November 5th.


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