You Can Now Listen to Hans Zimmers’ Dune Sketchbook Soundtrack

Dune is a super-sized book, and Warner Bros. is going all out to make sure that its release in theaters (and on HBO Max) will be just as big. Denis Villeneuve’s adaptation is surrounded by a constellation of tie-ins, as well as three soundtracks.

With just weeks to go before the film’s release, Watertower Music released one of those soundtracks, The Dune Sketchbook to various music streaming services and retailers, and has released the entire thing for free on YouTube.

Most of the time, a major film will garner a single soundtrack that showcases its score, although you might get a second “music from the original motion picture” record that contains all of the tie-in pop music. But Dune seems to be in a category of its own.

Hans Zimmer—who’s provided more than a couple incredible scores over the course of his career—provided the score for the film itself. Then back in July, WaterTower Music announced that it would be releasing three different soundtracks, all with different music.

The first is this soundtrack, The Dune Sketchbook, which WaterTower Music describes as “extended, immersive musical explorations of the ‘Dune’ film score.” Here’s the full track list:

  1. Song of the Sisters – Hans Zimmer
  2. I See You in My Dreams – Hans Zimmer
  3. House Atreides – Hans Zimmer
  4. The Shortening of the Way – Hans Zimmer
  5. Paul’s Dream – Hans Zimmer
  6. Moon over Caladan – Hans Zimmer
  7. Shai-hulud – Hans Zimmer
  8. Mind-killer – Hans Zimmer
  9. Grains of Sand – Hans Zimmer

Next up is the actual soundtrack for the movie (you can listen to two tracks from it here), Dune (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack), which will be released on September 17th, alongside the film’s release overseas.

Finally, there’s the The Art and Soul of Dune, a score that Zimmer composed to accompany the upcoming The Art and Soul of Dune behind-the-scenes book. That will be a free download for anyone who wants to listen.

From the looks of things, Zimmer spent a good amount of time immersed in the project and ended up riffing quite a bit, playing with the themes that he came up with for the film. That tracks, listening to The Dune Sketchbook—the album has a surreal feel to it, the perfect thing to throw on in the background while you write.


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