Doctor Who Sends Fans on a Hunt to #FindTheDoctor

It started with a hidden word in the Doctor Who trailer last month: “/mystery.” Eagle-eyed fans obviously couldn’t let that go. And now, weeks later, they’re still trying to #FindTheDoctor as part of a mysterious game that will—eventually, presumably!—lead to the password for a locked Doctor Who website.

The “mystery” clue led fans to a website with cryptic text and a place to enter a passcode:

Welcome to a mystery across space and time. Work together to solve the hiDden clues and reveal a password below. #FindTheDoctor

It begins: 13:13.13

Since the hunt started, another tidbit has been added to the site in the form of a message from the Doctor’s companion Yaz. But this treasure hunt isn’t just online. Today, someone found a very relevant painting hanging in Liverpool’s Walker Museum:

It’s not just the TARDIS that matters here; enthusiastic players have hunted down the details on the specific rocket pictured.

But it’s the randomly capitalized letters that seem to be key.

The “C” comes from the video of Yaz’s message; the “5” is from a promo image; the “V” comes from an “unknown object” on the Science Museum website (and on display, should you be in the area). There’s another clue in this object’s details:

Will we have to wait until September 2nd for the next clue, or is there something else to be gleaned here—or in another one of the clues?

Doctor Who returns later this year, though no premiere date has been announced (making it fairly likely that this treasure hunt will reveal when we get to see Jodie Whittaker’s final season). You can watch the trailer here.


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