At Last! The Trailer for Y: The Last Man!

We’re finally getting a look at Ampersand! Plus the terrifying chaos of a world where all the men just dropped dead, and Yorick (the actual Last Man), and the women who are doing their best to recreate society in the wake of unfathomable tragedy.


Brian K. Vaughan and Pia Guerra created Y: The Last Man in 2002, and the comic’s run stretch to 2008. It tells the story of Yorick and his monkey Ampersand, who are the last remaining mammals with Y chromosomes after a mysterious plague wipes all the rest of the Y-chromosome-havers out. Yorick travels around the world encountering terrorists, cultists, and people who are trying to pull a semblance of society back together, and things get very, very complicated.

The attempts to adapt the comic stretch back more than a decade, but now, finally, we have the first full trailer for the adaptation that FX and Hulu have been working on for several years. The show stars Ben Schnetzer as Yorick. Playwright Eliza Clark is the showrunner, and in addition to Schnetzer, the cast features Olivia Thirlby as Yorick’s sister, Diane Lane as the pair’s mom (who ends up becoming President of the U.S. after the rest of the male candidates die), and Ashley Romans as Agent 355.

Y: The Last Man is set to premier on FX on Hulu on September 13th.


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