The Witcher’s Second Season Will Premiere December 17th

In just over five months, Geralt of Rivia returns. As part of Friday’s WitcherCon, an online celebration of all things Witcher, Netflix revealed the premiere date—and a full trailer for the next season. Though can it really be a “full” trailer when Yenefer is hardly in it?

She’ll presumably get her day in the spotlight, but for now, the focus is on Cirilla—who doesn’t seem to be having the greatest time.

Geralt and Cirilla, that fated pair, make their way to the famous Kaer Morhen, the Witcher sanctuary, where we finally see more Witchers—and where Cirilla’s training begins. But learning to be a Witcher is serious business. The trailer is full of shots of weapons and ominous figures, and Geralt telling Ciri that when he says run, really, she’d better run. (The same goes for “hide.”)

“What if your princess is more than you bargained for?” asks an unseen person. Something tells me we’re going to find out the answer to that “what if.” There’s not a ton to go on here, but even this short tease includes scenes and dialogue straight from Andrzej Sapkowski’s books—and the promise of plenty of training montages. (Listen, I love a good training montage.)

Netflix also released the episode titles, with one notable redaction:

Season two of The Witcher lands on Netflix worldwide on December 17th.


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