Titans Season 3 Trailer Really Wants Jason Todd to See Red

The latest trailer for Titans promises to give DC Fans the very first live-action version of Jason Todd’s Red Hood: Based on the not-so-subtle hints shown in the teaser, he’ll become the violent vigilante in a very traditional way. As Jason grapples with his new identity, the titular team will get a change of scenery.
During the teaser, Curran Walters’ Jason Todd is investigating a crime scene alone when he comes across a man who has the Joker’s classic smile plastered on his face.  We also see what looks like the outline of a man hitting someone repeatedly in the same location. When combined with the images of a crowbar in Wayne Manor and the Red Hood mask, it looks like the show is going with the classic Red Hood origin: In the comics, the Joker hit Todd’s Robin with a crowbar repeatedly before blowing him up. The sidekick is later resurrected and returns as a violent vigilante called the Red Hood. Although we don’t know if Walters will just be injured or fully brought back to life, his time in the hood is imminent.

Meanwhile, the rest of the Titans lineup will move their operation to Gotham. It looks like Superboy, Krypto, Beast Boy, and Starfire will all stay together. Since the last season ended with Starfire’s sister Blackfire arriving on Earth, the villain will likely show up to challenge the Titans. Bruce Wayne, Hawk, and Dove will make appearances at some point in the season, and according to Deadline, we’re also going to see Scarecrow and Barbara Gordon. Hopefully, Titans can balance all the members of its massive ensemble and give us the best season yet when it premieres on its new HBO Max home, August 12th.


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