Bryan Fuller Is Getting Behind the Wheel of Christine |

Bryan Fuller Is Getting Behind the Wheel of Christine

For some of us, any bit of news about what Bryan Fuller is planning to do next is an exciting bit of news, but this one was unexpected: He’s writing and directing an adaptation of Stephen King’s Christine—yes, the one about the possessed car. Jason Blum is producing for his Blumhouse Productions, the company behind Get Out, Halloween, and a ton of other scary films, so you know this is not going to be a lightweight romp.

Christine was published in 1983 and adapted into a film from director John Carpenter later that same year (pictured above). It’s the story of a geeky high school kid who fixes up a 1958 Plymouth Fury—and finds himself taking on some of the traits of the previous owner in the process. And, of course, the car seems to have a mind of its own. The summary for Carpenter’s film is fantastic:

She was born in Detroit… on an automobile assembly line. But she is no ordinary automobile. Deep within her chassis lives an unholy presence. She is Christine – a red and white 1958 Plymouth Fury whose unique standard equipment includes an evil, indestructible vengeance that will destroy anyone in her way. She seduces 17-year-old Arnie Cunningham (Keith Gordon), who becomes consumed with passion for her sleek, rounded, chrome-laden body. She demands his complete and unquestioned devotion and when outsiders seek to interfere, they become the victims of Christine’s horrifying wrath. Based on the book by Stephen King.

Reading this, you can see why Fuller, the creator of Hannibal, might be drawn to the story: strange devotion, unexpected passions, a fraught and intimate relationship, everyone else in the main character’s life becoming victims as he’s drawn deeper into a charismatic being’s orbit. But it’s also not the first time Fuller has gone in for objects-with-personalities. Let us not forget that the underrated Wonderfalls featured little animal figures that told Jaye Tyler what to do. They were, admittedly, a little nicer than a demonic car.

Christine will mark Fuller’s feature film directorial debut. It’s not his first time working on a King adaptation, though, as he wrote the screenplay for the 2002 TV movie of Carrie.

Production timeline and cast have yet to be announced, but it’s never too early to start placing your bets on which of Fuller’s regular players will make an appearance.


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