Aaron Taylor-Johnson Returns to Superhero Films to Play Kraven the Hunter

The former MCU Quicksilver is about to race over to the Sony Universe to… kick ass. According to Variety, Aaron Taylor-Johnson has been cast to play Kraven the Hunter. Not only will he appear in a solo film, but there are hints that he will make multiple appearances in different Sony movies. Given what we know about the character, there’s a lot of story possibilities.

Kraven the Hunter is a Russian immigrant that lives to defeat powerful animals and humans. His hunger for a worthy and challenging opponent leads him to hunt Spider-Man on many occasions. Kraven is able to keep up by drinking a special potion that gives him more durability, enhances his senses, and slows down his aging process. And since he’s not a huge fan of guns, he’s usually taking people on with little more than his wits, fists, and sheer determination. Within the current Sony cinematic super-verse, there’s one major candidate that may fall into his crosshairs….

Tom Hardy’s Venom could easily fulfill Kraven’s need to go after a powerful opponent.  If a movie is greenlit where Aaron Taylor-Johnson with a Russian accent screams at Tom Hardy with a Brooklyn accent while they fight to the death, I’m buying IMAX tickets without even seeing a preview. And when it comes to his solo film, Sony has plenty of Kraven material to choose from. They could explore his relationship with his half-brother and fellow Spider-Man villain Chameleon, show us how he became so good at hunting, or follow the wild plotline where he makes over eighty clones of himself and has them fight each other. Or maybe they can really go for broke and do all those storylines at once!

Aaron Taylor-Johnson has already proven he can handle himself in superhero fare in both Kick-Ass and Avengers: Age of Ultron (pictured above). He probably wouldn’t mind wearing Kraven’s over-the-top animal-themed outfit. No matter where they take Kraven or who they pit the hunter against, as long as Johnson’s wearing some leopard print and ready to hunt, we’re sure to be be entertained.


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