Watch the Latest Trailer for Rick and Morty’s Next Season

Adult Swim has released a new trailer for its upcoming fifth season of Rick and Morty, showing off what to expect from the dysfunctional Smith family’s hijinks this year.

Season five is slated to debut on the network on June 20th, and from the earlier trailers, we’ve seen that this upcoming season will feature some sort of tribute to Voltron, a “strange, horny ocean man,” and quite a bit more.

This latest trailer leans heavily into the Voltron tribute as the entire Smith family teams up to fight against some sort of giant insectoid monster: “Just hit buttons, we’re too big to fail!”

There’s more as well—the Smith’s house gets surrounded by soldiers, there’s some turkeys with guns, doppelgängers, more alien invasions, and more.

It looks as though the show is back on track, schedule-wise. Over the course of its run, the series has had a haphazard release schedule, often with a year or two break between seasons. In 2018, Adult Swim made the unusual move of renewing the series for 70 episodes—seven seasons’ worth—and debuted season four in two batches of five episodes in 2019 and 2020. This year, we’ll get a full ten-episode season starting this June.


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