Trailer for Sweet Tooth Teases Its Post-Apocalyptic Conflicts

While the first teaser for Sweet Tooth was all feelings and atmosphere, the full trailer for Netflix’s upcoming comics adaptation sets up the plot of this post-apocalyptic fairy tale. “Once upon a time,” Will Forte’s narration begins, “bad people ruled the earth. They were greedy and self-destructive, so nature made everyone sick.”

It is just me or does this hit a little close to home?

Sweet Tooth is the story of one of the kids born in the wake of this sickness—kids with animal features who come to be known as hybrids. Gus (Christian Convery) has the horns and expressive ears of a deer. He lives in the woods with his father (Forte), until something terrible happens and he winds up in the company of a loner named Jeppard (Nonso Anozie).

But as this trailer shows, there’s a lot more going on, including a conflict between those who want to destroy all the hybrids and those who want to protect them. Gus learns that there may be a safe haven for hybrids in Colorado, but can Jeppard help him get there? Is it going to be really hard to watch this sweet little deer-boy get repeatedly threatened, or are my feelings being tweaked by the extra-nostalgic cover of Duran Duran’s “Ordinary World”?

Sweet Tooth is based on the comic by Jeff Lemire, which started in 2009 and ran for 40 issues. Recently, Lemire created Sweet Tooth: The Return, a follow-up miniseries set long after the original tale.

All eight episodes of Sweet Tooth debut on Netflix on June 4th.


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