More MonsterVerse Mayhem Coming From Director of Godzilla vs. Kong

If you can’t get enough of Kaiju vs Kaiju action, then you’re in luck. According to Deadline, Godzilla vs. Kong director Adam Wingard is in discussions with Legendary to bring us another MonsterVerse movie.  And a past interview with the director as well as the recent monster match has given us a huge hint at what we’re gonna see in the next titanic film.

One of the biggest plot points of the 2021 film revolved around Kong traveling into the mysterious place known as the Hollow Earth. In this wild land, tons of kaiju roam free, gravity does pretty much whatever it feels like, and it’s one of the few places on the planet without a Starbucks. (Although a store could open down there before the next movie). But the most important aspect of Hollow Earth is that it contains structures and statues built by Kong’s ancestors. Although we didn’t see any more of his species in present time, the titanic apes definitely had a rich and long history there.

Deadline mentioned that director Adam Wingard expressed interest in diving back into the Hollow Earth before. From what we already know about this location, there’s plenty of opportunities for stories.  One rumor/theory that has already been making the rounds is that the next film could be a loose remake of 1933’s Son of Kong; although we haven’t seen more apes in Hollow Earth yet, it’s definitely possible that one or more are hidden somewhere down there. And given that Godzilla vs. Kong focused heavily on how lonely Kong was, it would be nice to see him start or find a family.

No matter what plot thread Adam Wingard chooses to pull next, it will definitely be fun to see it unravel in the Hollow Earth. The colorful and mysterious land has plenty of potential. And for Kong, it may be the perfect place to raise a kid.


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