Ava DuVernay’s Wings of Fire Animated Series Lands at Netflix

More dragons are coming! Ava DuVernay’s animated adaptation of Tui T. Sutherland’s Wings of Fire series, which was announced last year, has found a home at Netflix. The fantasy series for young readers will transform into 10-episode animated event series, executive produced by DuVernay. Dan Milano (Glitch Techs) and Christa Starr (Mystery Science Theater 3000) will write the adaptation and share showrunner duties with Justin Ridge (Star Wars Resistance).

Wings of Fire is set in Pyrrhia, a world ruled by dragons. They’ve adapted to every landscape: some breathe underwater, some breathe fire, some have poisonous tails. Humans in this world are mostly nuisances to dragons, fighting with the larger creatures over treasure. The first book in the series focuses on Clay, a sweet and loyal MudWing who, along with his friends, is prophesied to stop a war. The official show synopsis says:

A bitter war has raged for generations between the dragon tribes who inhabit the epic world of Pyrrhia. According to prophecy, five young dragons will rise to end the bloodshed and bring peace back to the land. Raised and trained in secret from the time they were hatched, the Dragonets of destiny—Clay, Tsunami, Glory, Starflight, and Sunny—embark on an evolving quest that will bring them face to face with their true selves and the overwhelming scope of this savage war they are destined to bring to an end.

Sutherland announced the news in a blog post for Netflix, enthusing about the team who will bring her dragons to life.

Wings of Fire will air as ten 40-minute episodes. This may not be all we see of Sutherland’s dragons, though; the original announcement about DuVernay developing the series noted that Warner Bros. bought the rights to all the books (15 novels and more stories and graphic novels!), and it seems unlikely a ten-episode series would cover everything.


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