Star Trek: Picard Season 2 Trailer Teases the Return of Q

Paramount’s Star Trek First Contact Day extravaganza started off with a bang by giving fans a glimpse of season two of Star Trek: Picard… and a very familiar voice.

The teaser trailer is entirely a voiceover, while we get to follow the camera at it peruses the lovely interiors of Chateau Picard. Jean-Luc himself informs us that the final frontier is not, in fact, space—it is time. He offers us reasoning on that point, and makes a powerful argument as he always does. And then the camera zooms in on a playing card out on a table, showing us the Queen of Hearts. The card dissolves until only the letter “Q” remains and John de Lancie growls out to us: “The trial… never ends.”

Of course, if you’re a fan of The Next Generation or Trek in general, you probably know that the show started and ended on episodes that featured Q (John de Lancie) of the Q Continuum, who took great pleasure in harassing Picard and his crew for years, and explicitly used the captain as a subject in his “trial” against humanity. Picard had to prove to Q more than once that humankind was capable of evolving and therefore worthy of survival; a truth that continued to surprise Q in his many attempts to trip up the Enterprise and her captain.

The show’s finale “All Good Things…” saw Q reveal to Picard that this trial had never ended, insisting that Picard solve another puzzle to once again demonstration humanity’s worthiness. Picard succeeds and Q departs with the words “See you… out there.” It would appear that this wistful threat will finally be made good in the upcoming season.

The show is in production currently and set to premiere in 2022.

John de Lancie showed up on the Picard panel to confirm his involvement to collective delight. If you want to check out the panel for yourself, it will eventually be uploaded on the Paramount+ YouTube Channel.


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