Syfy’s Resident Alien Is Coming Back for a Second Season

Syfy’s zany alien-in-disguise series Resident Alien rounds out its season tonight, and ahead of that finale, the network has announced that it’s bringing the show back next year for a second season.

The series is based off of a Dark Horse comic book by the same name, and stars Alan Tudyk as a shape-shifting alien, Captain Hah Re, who took the place of a country doctor named Harry Vanderspeigle in rural Colorado, searching for some vital components to complete his mission—destroy all humans.

The series debuted in January, and we follow Hah Re as he works out how to best blend in with his new neighbors, and his efforts to kill/befriend the one person in town who recognized him for what really is. Complicating matters, he’s helping with the investigation for who killed Sam, the town’s doctor, the appearance of Harry’s real wife, and other hijinks.

Over the course of its nine-episode run thus far, it’s been a fun, goofy show, one that feels a bit in line with some of the network’s classics like Eureka or Warehouse 13. According to Deadline, the series has been one of Syfy’s biggest hits in the last several years, drawing in both plenty of viewers on television and NBC’s streaming platforms.


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