The Premiere Episode of Every Star Trek Series Is Currently Available on YouTube

Today is the day CBS All Access transforms into Paramount+, and in celebration, Paramount has made the premiere episode of every Star Trek series available for free on YouTube. Literally: the first one’s free.

This is how they get you.

You can watch each episode individually here, or check in on the network’s livestreamed Star Trek marathon here. Here’s the schedule for the rest of the marathon:

  • Star Trek: The Animated Series – Episode 1: “Beyond the Farthest Star” – 7:55 am PT / 10:55 am ET
  • Star Trek: The Next Generation – Episode 1: “Encounter at Farpoint” – 8:21 am PT / 11:21 am ET
  • Star Trek: Deep Space Nine – Episode 1: “Emissary” – 9:59 am PT / 12:59 pm ET
  • Star Trek: Voyager – Episode 1: “Caretaker” – 11:35 am PT / 2:35 pm ET
  • Star Trek: Enterprise – Episode 1: “Broken Bow” – 1:13 pm PT / 4:13 pm ET
  • Star Trek: Discovery – Episode 1: “The Vulcan Hello” – 2:45 pm PT / 5:45 pm ET
  • Short Treks – Episode 1: “Runaway” – 3:31 pm PT / 6:31 pm ET
  • Star Trek: Picard – Episode 1: “Remembrance” – 3:47 pm PT / 6:37 pm ET
  • Star Trek: Lower Decks – Episode 1: “Second Contact” – 4:35 pm PT / 7:35 pm ET

As of today, Paramount+ is the streaming home of all Trek TV series. Later this year, the existing lineup will be joined by the animated Prodigy and the upcoming seasons of Lower Decks and Discovery. Eventually, Star Trek: Strange New Worlds will join the lineup, but Captain Pike’s spinoff has no release date yet.


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