The Very Best Bear Will Return for Paddington 3

In a world of endless sequels, reboots, and totally unnecessary villain origin stories, there are still unexpected delights and surprises to be found. Paddington 2 was one of those: the sequel to a movie based on a children’s book from the ’50s, it had absolutely no business being as utterly and completely magical as it was. Paddington 2 is the definition of comfort viewing.

So it’s welcome news indeed that the cheerful little bear is on his way back—Variety reports that Paddington 3 is in “active development.”

If you are wondering why we’re covering Paddington 3, perhaps you should watch Paddington 2. Also perhaps you should consider that these are movies about a talking bear, which is absolutely within the realm of fantasy even (and perhaps especially) if that bear lives with a nice family in London. Ben Whishaw voices Paddington with gentle perfection, and the rest of the cast is a who’s-who of award-winning actors, all turning in perfectly calibrated performances in a movie about a lovable bear with a relentlessly optimistic outlook on life. Truly, Hugh Grant’s best role may be Phoenix Buchanan, the washed-up actor who is Paddington’s nemesis in the second film.

Somewhat worryingly, Paddington 2 writer-director Paul King has said he will not be directing the third installment, presumably because he is very busy making Wonka. He may still be involved in some way. No director, writer, or release date has yet been announced for Paddington 3, but some of us will be keeping a very sharp eye out.


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