Pacific Rim: The Black’s Full Trailer Reveals Some Creepy New Kaiju

Now they come in small? Great.

Just a few days ago, Netflix revealed that Pacific Rim: The Black, an anime spinoff of the Pacific Rim movies, will premiere on March 4th. That little teaser set the stage: an Australia overrun by kaiju, and two kids initiating drift. Now, there’s a full trailer for the series, which apparently also introduces some creepy-ass dog-sized kaiju into the mix. So much for hiding in small spaces the big monsters can’t reach.

It wouldn’t be Pacific Rim if there weren’t some family-related drama, and here we have it: two teens on their own, stranded in a desolate world. After five years of hiding, the discovery of a giant jaeger gives them the chance to do something besides just hope their parents will come back. There’s also a mysterious… orphan? This is definitely a trailer with more questions than answers. (Is that… a human-protecting kaiju at the end? Inter-kaiju strife would sure be something.)

This show has been a long time coming: All the way back in 2014, Pacific Rim director Guillermo del Toro was talking about an eventual anime spinoff. The new series’ showrunners are Craig Kyle (who co-wrote Thor: Ragnarok) and Greg Johnson, whose resume as a writer is full of animated series.

Find out if you’re drift compatible with the new series when it arrives on Netflix next month.


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