Barry Allen Is Running Out of Speed in Trailer for The Flash‘s Seventh Season

Last year, production on The Flash was halted due to the pandemic, and season six didn’t end as initially intended. But the finale we did get, “Success is Assured,” offered plenty of drama and a big bad who could not be defeated in the course of a single season.

Season seven is just a month away, and The CW just released a new trailer that promises a grand end to last year’s storyline: Evil Eva has more power than expected! Barry’s still losing his speed! And yes, of course someone says “Run, Barry, run.”

At the end of last season, Eva broke out of the Mirrorverse, killed her evil husband, Joseph Carver, and turned into a worse villain than he was. She left Iris West-Allen trapped in the Mirrorverse, where she also imprisoned original versions of her other Mirror People. As a result of certain choices during the crossover Crisis, the Speed Force died, leaving Barry with only the dregs of his former speed. A side plot involving Ralph Dibny and Sue Dearborn wound up with Sue framed for Joseph Carver’s murder. There’s a lot more, but the important part is that Eva is apparently in control of anything with a reflective surface, which is a whole dang lot of things if you think about it. And Barry wants his wife back.

It’s good to see that Frost, who spent the end of last season sidelined by a sunlight-inflicted wound, is back in action. Captain West is still giving good inspirational speeches. Maybe, if we’re lucky, Katee Sackhoff’s delightful scenery-chewing Amunet will return. We’ve got to have some fun amid all the stress and pep talks about saving people with our humanity.

The Flash returns March 2nd.


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