Black Lightning Faces Retirement in the Season Four Trailer

Black Lightning is tired of being everyone’s savior. In the newest trailer for the fourth and final season, he makes it clear that he wants someone else to take up the mantle of Freeland’s resident hero. But although there are a couple of candidates around, they may not be enough to save the city.

The brief trailer begins with Jefferson Pierce A.K.A. Black Lightning looking at a gravestone. Although a lot of people didn’t make it though the last season, we can assume that’s the grave of Bill Henderson, Jefferson’s childhood friend. After a moment in the cemetery, Jefferson tells us he wants to stop prioritizing hero work so that he can fully focus on his family. But despite his good intentions, Freeland is still in danger.

The city seems to be in a bad state after last season’s forced government quarantine. It doesn’t help that the series’ big bad Tobias Whale is free again and ready to cause mayhem. Although Jefferson’s daughters Anissa A.K.A. Thunder/Blackbird and Jennifer A.K.A. Lightning show that they’re still willing to fight, how long will it be before Black Lightning has to suit up to protect his city again?

At first glance, Jefferson’s motivations may seem a bit selfish—but to be fair, his life has been ridiculously complicated lately. His wife Lynn developed a severe addiction to brain-enhancing drugs that she still struggled with in the season three finale. Jefferson also found out that a villain named Gravedigger who tried to recruit metahumans to his twisted cause is his great uncle. And in between all of that chaos, he faced the end of all reality and was elected to the CW-verse’s version of the Justice League.

Black Lightning definitely deserves a vacation. But as this is his show’s last season, here’s hoping that he doesn’t spend too much time in retirement. We’ll see if Jefferson’s journey on the CW (for now) comes to an electrifying conclusion when new episodes begin Monday, February 8th.


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