Watch the First Trailer for Amazon’s Trippy Simulated Reality Movie Bliss

Amazon Prime Video has released a trailer for its upcoming science fiction film Bliss, which stars Owen Wilson as a man trying to contend with a world that might be a simulation.

The film is directed by Mike Cahill (known for Another Earth and an episode in Syfy’s Nightfliers), and is about a man named Greg (Wilson) whose life is unraveling; he’s recently gotten divorced, and it looks as though he’s just lost his job. However, he meets a woman named Isabel (played by Salma Hayek—soon to appear in Eternals) who tells him that the world he’s living in is really a simulation, and introduces him to a seemingly-vibrant world alongside the one he’s familiar with.

The revelation lifts a huge burden off of Greg’s shoulders as he learns to live a carefree life, but he’s haunted by the family he left behind in that other, seemingly simulated life. But—according to an inexplicable appearance from Bill Nye—there are problems with Isabel’s research that might mean that there’s more to her world than there appears on the surface, and Greg might need to chose where he wants to end up.

Bliss is set to debut on Amazon Prime Video on February 5th, 2021.


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