Green Arrow & The Canaries Won’t Take Flight at the CW

It looks like superhero fans won’t be returning to Star City anytime soon. According to Deadline, Green Arrow and The Canaries won’t get a full series order for the CW. Given the amount of time spent setting up the show, this announcement comes as surprising to fans of the new Green Arrow.

In season 7 of the long-running superhero series Arrow, fans were treated to a bunch of flashforwards of a dystopian Star City in the future. Throughout these scenes, we got to know Mia Smoak, the daughter of Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak. Although she starts off as a tough and jaded cage fighter, she eventually takes up the mantle of Green Arrow in the future.

Given that we spent time with Mia and her allies throughout seasons 7 and 8 of Arrow, her show seemed like a sure thing. There was even a backdoor pilot called Green Arrow & The Canaries in the eighth season that developed the world of the show, hinted that Black Canary and Black Siren would join her cause, and set up a mysterious new villain. But despite all the buildup, fans won’t be getting to see how the new Green Arrow fights her shadowy foe alongside badass female allies.

While it’s unclear why CW chose not to move forward on something they’ve been setting up for years, this cancellation before production even begins is just the latest superhero ending on the CW. Both Supergirl and Black Lightning will be concluding this year as well. Whether the network is trying to trim down its superhero offerings, or something about the Green Arrow and the Canaries wasn’t working for the executives, it’s a shame that Mia and her team won’t get their well-deserved time in the spotlight.


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