George Clooney Tries to Save a Space Mission in the Final Trailer for The Midnight Sky

George Clooney’s latest film The Midnight Sky is set to begin streaming later this month, and ahead of its premiere, Netflix has released a final trailer for it.

Based on Lily Brooks-Dalton’s novel Good Morning, Midnight, the film is set decades in the future following some sort of global catastrophe that’s ruined Earth. In a prior trailer, we’ve seen Clooney’s character Augustine trying to contact an interstellar space mission to warn them about the state of the planet.

This new trailer gives us a better idea of the bigger story—the mission, led by Sully (played by Rogue One‘s Felicity Jones), was out to an extrasolar planet that might be another home for humanity. They’re unaware of what’s transpired back on Earth, and as one of the only people remaining on the planet, Augustine is working to warn them about what happened before it’s too late. Along the way, he has to deal with a young girl who shows up in his Arctic observatory. The film also stars Demián Bichir (Alien: Covenant), Tiffany Boone (Beautiful Creatures), Kyle Chandler (First Man), and David Oyelowo (Selma).

The film looks like a bit of a mashup of Interstellar and Clooney’s other astronaut film, Gravity, looking at the future of the planet and some of the challenges of expanding out beyond our solar system. It will debut on December 23rd, as well as in some select theaters.


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