DuckTales 2017 May Not Return for a Fourth Season

The future of DuckTales 2017 doesn’t look too bright. A recent tweet suggested that the quirky animated adventure show may not be returning for season 4. Although there’s been no official confirmation, the evidence laid out in the tweet has many fans concerned.

Drew Taylor, who serves as an associate editor of Collider, issued a tweet on December 1st where he commented on the trending #RenewDuckTales2017. He stated that despite efforts to push this hashtag, the show was finished. In a follow-up reply, Taylor stated that he was convinced that this was a case because certain members of the creative team have moved onto other projects and there have been no hints that any work has been done on the fourth season.

If Taylor’s assumptions are correct, then all we need is an official announcement from Disney to confirm that DuckTales 2017 is finished. It would certainly be sad to see a solid animated program that enjoyed a great reception from fans and critics go so soon.

There’s still a small chance we may see Huey, Dewey, Louie, and others appear in the upcoming Darkwing Duck show on Disney Plus. But if they don’t show up there in the future, fans will always have three wonderful seasons of adventures to look back on fondly.


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