Check Out The Wheel of Time TV Show’s Heron Mark Blade, And Learn How It Was Made

It’s Wheel of Time Wednesday, and this week, the Wheel of Time show is offering up a first look at the heron mark blade! On Twitter, the show shared a nifty little video tracing the evolution of the sword from page to concept to set, as the blade rests in an autumn wood full of golden leaves.

The heron mark indicates that a sword is the weapon of a Blademaster—a fact that Rand al’Thor doesn’t exactly know when he first acquires his signature blade from his father Tam.

At the end of November, a local newspaper reported that The Wheel of Time would be filming this week in Segovia, Spain, at the Alcázar de Segovia palace, rumored to be a stand-in for the palace in Caemlyn. Earlier in November, production reportedly shut down due to the pandemic.

The production has been teasing fans with the tiniest of tidbits: a bit of the score one month, a quick peek at the set another. The last round of casting news came in August, with the addition of Sophie Okonedo as Siuan Sanche, Kae Alexander as Min, Clare Perkins as Kerene Sedai and Peter Franzen as Stepin, her Warder.

Showrunner Rafe Judkins answered questions on Twitter following the reveal of the heron mark blade, including one that should soothe anyone concerned about divergences from the book:

Other production specific questions follow:


These are some exciting damn answers. Our fingers remain crossed that the show will arrive in 2021.


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