Darkwing Duck Reboot Will Get Dangerous on Disney Plus

If you were craving a tv show about a vigilante that strikes in the night that isn’t one of 104-shows-and-counting set in Gotham, you’re in luck! According to Variety, the Darkwing Duck animated series is getting a second life on Disney Plus. And judging by the production team, this iteration has the potential to be even greater than the first go around.

Darkwing Duck originally flew onto our screens in 1991. The show followed the adventures of Drake Mallard, a seemingly average anthropomorphic bird who fought crime under the alias of Darkwing Duck. Joining him in his quest to clean up the city of St. Canard were his sidekick/pro pilot Launchpad McQuack and his courageous adopted daughter Gosalyn. Although their adventures only ran for 91 episodes, the characters later appeared in media like the awesomely titled Darkwing Duck: Duck Night Returns in 2010, and there was an episode of the 2017 Ducktales series that featured that same amazing title.

The episode also established that Darkwing Duck is a TV show within the DuckTales universe. However, the events of the story push two actors closer to becoming Darkwing Duck and Negaduck in real life. While this new Darkwing Duck series is free to establish a new continuity, it would be interesting to see the reboot continue the storyline established in DuckTales.

This new full-fledged series is backed by Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg, James Weaver, and Alex McAtee as executive producers. Rogen and Goldberg have previously teamed up to bring us Preacher, The Boys, and the underrated Future Man. Knowing that their talents are backing Darkwing Duck is a great sign.

Although the voice cast has not yet been confirmed, we know that Jim Cummings recently lent his voice to Jim Starling, the duck who played Darkwing on the Darkwing Duck TV show within the DuckTales universe. It seems reasonable to expect that he’ll come back to the reboot.  Hopefully, they’ll bring the show’s infectious theme song back, too. We’ll be humming that fantastic tune until we hear more news about the show’s production and release date.


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