Jim Butcher, Jim Butcher’s Cat, and James Marsters Talk 20 Years of The Dresden Files!

The Dresden Files are hitting their 20th Anniversary! In celebration of this landmark, and the two newest books in the series, Peace Talks and Battle Ground, fan and audiobook narrator James Marsters spoke with author Jim Butcher about the books. You can watch the panel here (the two discuss translating noir into narration, jumping through different vocal registers, and Butcher’s plans for future books—including some spin off plans) and check out some panel highlights below!

Having done Shakespeare and Moliere on stage, James Marsters explained: “I get nervous talking to authors if they’re any good!” Despite that, the two share a rollicking conversation:

  • Jim Butcher explained that the first Dresden Files book was written in school in order to show his graduate school writing teacher she was wrong about things—but upon reading it she realized he could sell the book! Twenty-five years later he’s still teaching things she taught him in class. “I’ve made a career of being dumb and rolling with it.”
  • Butcher was excited to have Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer reading his book, because Spike was the character who got him to watch Buffy in the first place. (The Halloween episode apparently made him snort spaghetti through his nose in laughter.)
  • Butcher also mentioned that he needs to write other books occasionally so he doesn’t get so annoyed with Harry Dresden that he’ll kill him—“I’ve done that once!”—but in the next book he’s planning to have Harry take stock of all the losses he’s gone through.
  • Butcher initially wanted to bring both books out in back-to-back months as an homage to Back to the Futures II and III, but printing issues meant it had to be back-to-back quarters. Although this plan could be revisited for a time travel book. (Though, according to Marsters, this might “break” him as a narrator.)
  • Butcher also mentioned being “surprised by the humor” Marsters brings out in his reading.
  • And as for the future of the books, Butcher says: “I figure I might as well make my plans like a wizard.”

And then, as if the conversation hadn’t been fun enough, Mr. Butcher’s cat made an appearance!

Screenshot: New York Comic-Con

Peace Talks and Battle Ground are in stores now from from Roc Books!


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