Trailer for The Craft: Legacy Welcomes Four New Witches Into the Tale

The Craft is going to need a bigger coven. Blumhouse Productions just unveiled a trailer for The Craft: Legacy, a spiritual successor/reboot to the 1990s cult classic horror film. If the preview is anything to go by, audiences are in for a nostalgic and unsettling witchy adventure.

The trailer begins with a classic horror setup: Cailee Spaeny’s Lily is arriving in a new town. After she’s bullied for getting her period at school, she rushes to the bathroom. A group of three girls played by Gideon Adlon, Lovie Simone and Nicholas Galitzine comfort their classmate before inviting her to join their coven. As they perform more spells together, Lily begins to abuse her magic and becomes a threat to everyone—including herself.

This story setup is a fun twist on the original story. In 1996’s The Craft, it was up to the new girl in town to stop her magical friends from committing evil deeds. This new trailer suggests that Lilly’s coven will have to stop her from turning to the dark side this time around. But given Blumhouse’s track record for crazy plot twists, there might be another wrinkle to the story that audiences won’t see coming.

As we eagerly await more details about the plot and characters, we can celebrate that the movie has cast The Path’s Michelle Monaghan and X-Files alum David Duchovny as Lilly’s mom and (step?) dad. Both actors will undoubtedly bring grounded and committed performances into this mystical world.

The Craft: Legacy will try to enchant audiences as much as the original did when it’s released onto Video On Demand services on October 28th.


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