Lovecraft Country’s Jonathan Majors Will Star in Ant-Man 3

The Ant-Man 3 cast just got bigger: According to Deadline, Jonathan Majors has been tapped to join Paul Rudd, Evangeline Lilly, and the rest of the quirky cast in the upcoming Marvel sequel. And if the incredible performances Majors delivered in Da 5 Bloods and Lovecraft Country aren’t enough to get fans excited about his casting—the rumors of who he’s playing definitely will.

It’s been rumored that Majors will play the intergalactic villain known as Kang the Conqueror. In the comics, Kang was a time-traveling villain who used his intelligence and futuristic weaponry to conquer Earth and other planets in the 31st century. But when he realizes his Earth is dying, he travels back to the 20th century to rule a healthier version of the planet.

Since Pym Particles are the keys to time travel within the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it makes perfect sense that these heroes would clash with Kang. The villain may want to destroy all the particles to prevent anyone from altering time and stopping him. Kang could also be yet another person who wants revenge against the curmudgeonly Hank Pym. Or maybe Ant-Man director Peyton Reed just thought it would be funny to have Ant-Man fight one of the most dangerous villains in Marvel history.

No matter what Kang’s motivations are, the villain will carry some serious gravitas if Jonathan Majors plays him in Ant-Man 3. While the movie doesn’t have a release date yet, audiences still have time to get more familiar with Majors as he continues to conquer the screen in Lovecraft Country.


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