First The Batman Trailer Showcases the Caped Crusader’s Wits and Fists

It’s time to get your first taste of The Batman—with a trailer dropped during the film’s panel at DC FanDome. Although the movie hasn’t finished shooting yet, director Matt Reeves managed to showcase that this version of Batman will need brains and brawns if he wants a shot at saving Gotham.

The fact that he has an awesome suit and sick car won’t hurt either.

The Batman trailer opens with the unsettling sound of duct tape and an even more disturbing riddle. But before we can fully settle into the mystery, the caped crusader has to fight a gang of criminals (and Catwoman who is busy… you know, cat-burgling ). Just as Batman—and the audience—catches their breath, we’re treated to a creepy voiceover from the Riddler himself.

Hopefully we’ll get to see Batman solve riddles and takedown goons in 2021, which is when the film is slated for release.


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