Let Henry Cavill Show You Parts You’ve Never Seen Before… As He Assembles This Gaming PC

If you’ve been watching Netflix’s The Witcher and its various behind-the-scenes ephemera, it has probably come to your attention that Henry Cavill (the Witcher himself) is a great big freaking nerd. Which is why he recently took to Instagram to show everyone a video of him in a muscle tank, sporting the caption:

This kind of material isn’t for everyone….viewer discretion is advised. You may see a lot of parts that you haven’t seen before.

It’s not what you think, promise.

In fact, Cavill, who has a hobby of playing games that pay real money, used this opportunity to play some very sexy music while he… assembled his gaming PC. Given the way the light fades in the video, this process seems to have taken the better part of a day, and the use of multiple camera angles. (One of them clearly attached to his head at the start.)

Of course, after all his hard work, it turns out that he had one of the parts inserted upside-down, resulting in the need for him to take apart a hefty portion of the machine and redo it. As a person who gets a weird, sustained calm from assembling flat-pack furniture, yet always somehow has one part bolted on in the wrong direction, I feel this moment on a deep and spiritual plane. It’s not assembly unless you do it twice, I’m pretty sure. And the video is just plain soothing either way, which could be the activity, or the song selection, or maybe just Cavill’s often-perturbed face as he stares at pages upon pages of instructions.

There are a lot of other questions one might have about this scenario, which feels oddly like a world unto itself, set in a countryside we will never know. The primary one among them being: Who made those curtains? And can I commission them to make an equally bright and floral set?

I’ll give you so many (unusable) internet points if you can name these computer parts, friends. Go on. Dazzle us with your gamer PC expertise.


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