First Trailer for Jamie Foxx’s Project Power is Pure Superpowered Pharmaceutical Mayhem

Swallow a pill, and get superpowers for five minutes. That’s the promise of a new drug that’s flooding the streets of New Orleans in the upcoming film Project Power, which stars Jamie Foxx, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Dominique Fishback.

The result? Pure superpowered pharmaceutical mayhem as people begin discovering the various abilities that the pills impart.

The film will premiere on Netflix in August, and it looks like it’ll be a fun ride: The daughter of a former soldier (Foxx) has been kidnapped by criminals, who seem to be using her for part of the drug that they’re peddling. He’s desperate to get his daughter back, and that’s complicated by the experimental drug that’s flooding the streets. Take a pill, and it’ll unlock an inherent power—like turning invisible, turning into the human torch, giving you super-strength, or becoming bullet-proof.

To retrieve his kid, he’s forced to partner up with a police officer (Gordon-Levitt) and a drug dealer (Fishback). The criminals are working to refine their product—they want to usher in the next evolution of humanity—and the result is plenty of obstacles standing between Foxx and his allies and his daughter. A slew of superpowered fights ensue, making it a great film to follow this month’s Netflix hit, The Old Guard.

The film is set to begin streaming on August 14th.


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