Oh Sh*t, It’s The Bad Batch, and They’re Coming to Disney+

If you’ve been missing Star Wars animated series since Clone Wars ended, fear not. Disney+ has announced that its next animated series will be Star Wars: The Bad Batch, a spin-off of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and it will be executive produced by none other than Star Wars animated universe maven and Mandalorian director Dave Filoni.

Here’s the official synopsis, from Lucasfilm:

The series follows the elite and experimental clones of the Bad Batch (first introduced in The Clone Wars) as they find their way in a rapidly changing galaxy in the immediate aftermath of the Clone War. Members of Bad Batch — a unique squad of clones who vary genetically from their brothers in the Clone Army — each possess a singular exceptional skill, which makes them extraordinarily effective soldiers and a formidable crew. In the post-Clone War era, they will take on daring mercenary missions as they struggle to stay afloat and find new purpose.

The Bad Batch were introduced in the final season of The Clone Wars, which aired on Disney+ in the spring of 2020. Following their arc at the start of season seven, they added the clones trooper Echo to their crew—Echo was captured in an operation to retrieve Wilhuff Tarkin and Jedi Master Even Piell from a Separatist prison known as The Citadel. For his trouble, Echo was kidnapped by the Separatists and hooked into their computer systems to force him into giving up information about Republic military operations.

As this series takes place after the Clone War, we will get a chance to find out what happened to this group. They were never stationed around Jedi, and it’s possible that none of them had those chips implanted in their heads, so the actions of the clone army might have come as a surprise to them. Echo ostensibly still has the chip, however, and we have no way of knowing how he would react to the massive death toll enacted by his brothers.

According to the announcement, Brad Rau (Star Wars Rebels, Star Wars Resistance) will be supervising director, while Jennifer Corbett (Star Wars Resistance, NCIS) will serve as head writer. They’ll also executive produce alongside Filoni, Carrie Beck (The Mandalorian, Star Wars Rebels), and Athena Portillo (Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Star Wars Rebels), with Josh Rimes (Star Wars Resistance) as producer.

Star Wars: The Bad Batch will arrive on Disney+ in 2021.


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