Oded Fehr Made a Cameo Video in Character as Ardeth Bay From The Mummy

It’s a crying shame that Ardeth Bay never got his own The Mummy spin-off, but now, we have the next best thing. Oded Fehr, who stole the show as the head of the Medjai in the 1999 cult classic, reprised his role (in costume!) for a little Cameo video this week.

Now identifying himself as the “former head of the Medjai,” Fehr as Ardeth kicks off the video by snacking on a piece of celery and playing with a small relic from his tomb-defending days. “You might be asking yourself what am I doing right now, huh?” he asks. “You know, a little retirement here in California.”

Life in retirement seems to be very sweet for Ardeth, his days filled with snack-prep (read: chopping up greens with a sabre), adventures in “falconry,” sunbathing, marshmallow-roasting (“I like to make it, you know, a little soft, but not burnt, because burnt is no good”), and binge-watching Netflix (with a fun dig at Tom Cruise’s disastrous The Mummy remake).

“I used to be the guy protecting the Mummy, fighting off bad guys,” he continues cheerily. “Not that it’s bad. Do I miss my friends? I miss my friends. But in general, life is very good.”

But then he gets a phone call from an old friend…


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