Syfy Has Canceled Vagrant Queen After A Single Season

The Syfy Channel has pulled the plug on its space opera show Vagrant Queen after a single season, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Despite a move to a different timeslot mid-season, the series struggled to gain an audience.

Series creator Jem Garrard noted on Twitter that Syfy opted not to renew the series, and thanked the show’s cast and crew for their work. “Making this with you all has been the most fun I’ve had in my career. I’m proud of what we created and the epic adventure we all took together.

The series was based on Vault Comic’s graphic novel by the same name by writer Magdalene Visaggio and artist Jason Smith. It follows Elida (played by Adriyan Rae), a child queen of an interstellar empire who had been deposed and who went on the run, turning to a life as a scavenger. When she gets word that her mother (whom she thought to be dead) might still be alive, she jumps at the chance to try and find her.

The series ran for 10 episodes, and wrapped up its run earlier this month. I found it to be an enjoyable, pulpy series that scratched the itch left behind by other canceled space opera shows like Firefly, Dark Matter, and Killjoys.

While the show has come to a close, fans of the series can find some solace: Visaggio and Smith have been continuing the comic series, and another graphic novel, Vagrant Queen: A Planet Called Doom is set to hit shelves in October. If you want a sneak preview, Smith has been posting some of his works in progress on Instagram.


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