Doctor Who Audio Drama Casts Elisabeth Sladen’s Daughter as Sarah Jane Smith

Sarah Jane Smith is back! io9 reports that Big Finish’s next audio drama will be an adaptation of Revenge of the Cybermen from classic Doctor Who season 12, with the role of the iconic companion to be played by none other than Elisabeth Sladen’s daughter, Sadie Miller.

As the publication notes, Sladen played the role from 1973—appearing in TV episodes and audio dramas across both classic and modern eras of Doctor Who, as well as her own spin-off show, The Sarah Jane Adventures—until she passed away in 2011. As for Miller, she previously starred alongside her mother in Big Finish’s Sarah Jane Smith series, io9 reports, playing the role of Natalie Redfern.

“When Big Finish asked me to play Sarah Jane for this story, I was very nervous. I didn’t want to create a performance from someone else’s,” Miller said in a press release, according to io9. “So I tried to approach it as I would with any other role. I’ve tried to find my own piece of Sarah—the part of my mum that’s in me. But I have had a quick look on YouTube for Sarah Jane Smith screams, because I wasn’t quite sure how she would want me to do those. Other than that I just tried to keep it as separate in my mind as possible from the original.”

Meanwhile, Harry Sullivan will be played by Christopher Naylor, with Tom Baker reprising his role as the Doctor. Revenge of the Cybermen comes out in November.

In other Doctor Who news, Big Finish has announced that it will be making one Doctor Who production per week available as a free download over the course of 8 weeks, starting April 6. This week, it’s “The Beginning” from the Companion Chronicles trilogy, written by Marc Platt and starring Carole Ann Ford as Susan and Terry Molloy as Quadrigger Stoyn.

If you’re not sure where to begin, Erin Horakova has a handy guide to the best episodes and arcs to start with.


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