Check Out the UK Cover for Brandon Sanderson’s Rhythm of War

Brandon Sanderson has shared the UK cover for book four of the The Stormlight Archive, Rhythm of War, over on Twitter! Check it out below.

The cover was first shared by British book retailer Waterstones, which is currently accepting pre-orders for signed limited edition.

Over on r/Stormlight_Archive, fans speculate that the character depicted on the cover is Shallan, with some readers noting that this is the first time she’s appeared on a Stormlight cover (although she does feature in the endpapers for book two, Words of Radiance). One reader also raised this question: If the last two books have depicted pivotal scenes on their covers (SPOILERS at the link), could this be true for Rhythm of War, as well?

For more details about The Stormlight Archive book four, check out Sanderson’s explanation behind the title, as well as our post on three questions we have leading up to the book’s release. The author has also shared key updates on the future of the Cosmere, including a planned timeline for book five, in last year’s State of the Sanderson. The latest Rhythm of War update was published about a month ago, and can be found at r/Stormlight_Archive.

UK cover art for Rhythm of War

Cover art by Sam Green (Gollancz)

Here’s the book’s official synopsis:

After forming a coalition of human resistance against the enemy invasion, Dalinar Kholin and his Knights Radiant have spent a year fighting a protracted, brutal war. Neither side has gained an advantage.

Now, as new technological discoveries begin to change the face of the war, the enemy prepares a bold and dangerous operation. The arms race that follows will challenge the very core of the Radiant ideals, and potentially reveal the secrets of the ancient tower that was once the heart of their strength.

Rhythm of War publishes November 17, 2020 in the US with Tor Books and the UK with Gollancz. It’s available for pre-order now from your preferred retailer.

Stormlight Archive Book 4 Rhythm of War


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