Rory Williams Leaves a Message For His Son in Prequel to Doctor Who Episode

As some fans continue their Doctor Who rewatch, a prequel has dropped for “The Doctor’s Wife”, penned by the episode’s author, Neil Gaiman. Filmed by Arthur Darvill from the comfort of his own home (with a special guest voice somewhere off stage left), here is Rory Williams, recording a message for his son, Anthony.

It would seem that Rory is recording stories for little Anthony so that he can one day know all about the adventures his parents had with… his brother-in-law. Recorded on the “only working smartphone in the world”, Rory has already put together several of these videos for Anthony. Though how he is maintaining the charge on that smartphone is anyone’s guess. (Wait, can they show us that setup, though? All the weird wires Rory has attached to the phone, and the funny converters? It has to be fairly elaborate.)

By the title he offers this segment, we can see that Rory has never let go of the fact that the TARDIS thought he was the Pretty One. Which is pretty darn cute. We also get a more specific date for Anthony’s birth, which means that Amy and Rory had already in been in the past for nearly a decade before he came along. That must have been quite the surprise, especially post-WWII, as Rory points out.

There was another prequel recently, penned by Steven Moffat and performed by the young Amelia Pond actor Caitlin Blackwood as a prequel to “The Eleventh Hour”. It’s incredibly sweet, and involves the text of Amelia’s diary entries over some time. If you’re in the mood for more, you can check it out over here!


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