A New Clone Wars Trailer Highlights the Return of Ahsoka Tano

Way back in 2013, The Clone Wars ended its fifth season with a bombshell: Anakin Skywalker’s apprentice Ahsoka Tano had left the Jedi Order after being framed for murder.

Seven years later, we finally get to know what happens next for the character: A new trailer for the next batch of episodes of the series’ final season just dropped, showing off what happened to Ahsoka after she walked away from her life as a Jedi.

We already knew that Ahsoka had survived the Jedi Purge—she popped up in Star Wars Rebels as a major character helping to foster the Rebellion against the Empire. E.K. Johnston’s novel Ahsoka also shed some light on her life after the fall of the Republic. But exactly what she had been up to between the shows was a mystery.

That wasn’t helped with the abrupt cancellation of the series after Lucasfilm was acquired by Disney, and the character didn’t appear in the show’s shorter sixth season, which was compiled from half-finished episodes and released on Netflix.

The latest season of The Clone Wars debuted back in February; the first four episodes followed Captain Rex and a Clone Trooper squad known as The Bad Batch as they rescued a missing clone from Separatist forces. From the announcement trailer of the series, we’ve known that Ahsoka was returning to help the Republic during the Siege of Mandalore in some form.

This new trailer finally brings Ahsoka back into action, although it looks as though it’ll be a while before she’s ready to meet back up with her former friends. After leaving the Jedi Order, we see that she makes her way to Coruscant’s underworld, where she meets up with an aspiring pilot named Trace Martez and her sister Rafa. It’s clear that she’s trying to keep a low profile, but it looks like she’s still going to find some trouble all the same.

The next episode of The Clone Wars, “Gone With a Trace,” debuts on Disney + on Friday.


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