The Batman’s New Batmobile Is Giving Fans Mad Max Vibes

A new Batman movie means a new Batsuit and a new Batmobile (not to mention, of course, a new Batman), and director Matt Reeves has been feeding fans bite-size sneak peeks at his redesigns on Twitter. This week, he unveiled the Caped Crusader’s new ride, and some fans are picking up on an interesting source of inspiration: Mad Max.

Just take a look over on r/Batman, where comparisons to the post-apocalyptic franchise abound (“serious Ford GT Falcon-Mad Max vibes,” “Mad Max meets Adam West,” “Mad Max meets Fast and Furious meets classic Adam West batmobile,” etc.) There’s no shortage of references over on Twitter, either, where fans have been comparing side-by-side screenshots.

Other possible Batmobile inspirations that have been floated around: Blade Runner, Fast & Furious, and even Back to the Future. (And yes, the puns do write themselves.)

The director himself has not revealed which (if any) car-centric movies were running around his head as he sat down to design this iteration of the Batmobile. But if he really wanted to lean into this whole Mad Max thing, there’s no reason why he can’t have The Penguin barreling in on one of these bad boys.

Just sayin’. Your move, Matt.


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