Revealing Drowned Country by Emily Tesh |

Revealing Drowned Country by Emily Tesh

Even the Wild Man of Greenhollow can’t ignore a summons from his mother, when that mother is the indomitable Adela Silver, practical folklorist. Henry Silver does not relish what he’ll find in the grimy seaside town of Rothport, where once the ancient wood extended before it was drowned beneath the sea—a missing girl, a monster on the loose, or, worst of all, Tobias Finch, who loves him.

In this stunning sequel to Silver in the Wood, Emily Tesh once again invites readers to lose themselves in the story of Henry and Tobias, and the magic of a myth they’ve always known. Drowned Country arrives June 16, 2020 from Publishing—check out the full cover art below!

Book cover: Drowned Country by Emily Tesh

Cover art and design by David Curtis

AO3 tags:

  • Beach Episode
  • Thorn-Girt Fortress
  • Character Read Too Many Fairy Tales
  • Exes To Lovers
  • Vampire Hunting
  • Ill-Advised Scientific Expeditions
  • Sad Immortals
  • Semi-Divine Powers Unhelpful When Dealing With Your Feelings
  • Rude Young Lady With A Cleaver
  • I Have Looked Upon The Face Of Oberon


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