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Movies We’re Looking Forward to in 2020

It’s the start of a new year, and we wanted to take a moment to get excited for what’s ahead—here are just some of the upcoming films that we can’t stop thinking about. Hindsight won’t get the best of us! (Sorry, that was a terrible joke. Wow. We apologize for that.)


Grudge (January 3rd)

John Cho + ghosts? Why am I not already in the theater? —Leah


Dolittle (January 17th)

This will be a trainwreck. But a trainwreck with Robert Downey, Jr is still a trainwreck I want to witness? —Em


The Turning (January 24, 2020)

Yet another crack at The Turn of the Screw, this time set in the 1990s with Mackenzie Davis and BB Horror Icon Finn Wolfhard! Yes, I am here for all of this. —Leah


Color Out of Space (January 24th)

Richard Stanley, Maligned Genius, finally returns! I can only imagine that by his powers combined with the force of nature that is NICOLAS CAGE, this movie will finally achieve H.P. Lovecraft’s true purpose of driving all who see it irrevocably mad. And I can’t wait. —Leah


Birds of Prey (February 7th)

I’ve never been a huge fan of Harley Quinn, and her “daddy’s little monster” getup in Suicide Squad did not give me much hope. But I’m a fan of what Margot Robbie has been pushing for the character. Plus, this all-female lineup seems like it’ll carry the energy of 2018’s Ocean’s 8 and 2019’s Hustlers into 2020. —Natalie


If the awfulness of Suicide Squad leads to this being the beacon of Women Take No Shit that I’ve been waiting for from a Harley Quinn movie, it will all have been worth it. Don’t let me down, y’all. —Em


Sonic the Hedgehog (February 14th)

At least he ostensibly doesn’t have human teeth anymore? Honestly, I enjoyed that cartoon as a kid, so I’m hopeful. —Em


The Invisible Man (February 28th)

My knee-jerk reaction was why not make The Invisible Woman instead?, but after watching the trailer I’m onboard. Retelling this story from the POV of the woman being stalked and gaslit by the Invisible Man? Blumhouse, you’ve got my attention again. —Natalie


Onward (March 6th)

Color me intrigued by a story about a modern world where magic has disappeared… and let’s be honest, I would follow Tom Holland searching for his father (figure) in any story. —Natalie


Godzilla vs. Kong (March 13th)

I really enjoyed Kong: Skull Island and I really didn’t enjoy Godzilla: King of the Monsters. So I’m hoping this is just a movie where Kong thrashes Godzilla back and forth the way Hulk did to Loki in The Avengers. #TeamKong —Em


The New Mutants (April 3rd)

We’ve been waiting on this movie so long that it feels like a treat just knowing it’ll actually happen. Maybe that was their plan all along? —Em


No Time to Die (April 8th)

I’m excited for a woman to play 007, I’m excited that Daniel Craig agreed to another film, but more than anything, I’m excited to see Q and Felix Leiter and Moneypenny again, so this movie needs to hurry it on up. —Em

Between this and Y, I am ready for 2020 to be the year of Lashana Lynch. —Natalie


Black Widow (May 1st)

I’m not jazzed about a Black Widow standalone prequel because my favorite version of Natasha Romanov is the one who has accepted that the Avengers are her family (even if they seem to have conveniently forgotten this fact in Avengers: Endgame). She’s had so much character development in the past ten years that going back in time feels almost like an alternate universe. But if anyone can tackle the notion of alternate selves and paths not taken, it’s TiMER writer/director Jac Schaeffer. —Natalie

Just… don’t mess this one up, Marvel. Natasha has always deserved better from you, and she should get a chance to shine on her own terms. —Em


Artemis Fowl (May 29th)


It’s looking dubious for this film’s success considering the many delays, but the trailer was pretty and all. —Em


Wonder Woman 1984 (June 5th)

Fanny packs. Technicolor. Malls. Is this how I was supposed to feel about Stranger Things season 3? —Natalie

Put Chris Pine in my eyeballs and I’ll follow you anywhere. —Leah

We need Diana to stare at the television in disgust while Ronald Reagan says something awful, just once. —Em


Candyman (June 12th)

An update on the classic exploration of race, class, and horror? From Jordan Peele? Obviously. —Leah

I’m bad at watching horror in the theater, but Jordan Peele can make me do anything at this point. —Em

I’ve never seen the original Candyman, but now I’m going to have to in order to get prepared for Peele’s take. —Natalie


Ghostbusters Afterlife (July 10th)



Bob’s Burgers: The Movie (July 17th)

Screenshot: 20th Century Fox

LIIIIIN. There had better be a musical number to rival “Sailors in Your Mouth.” —Natalie

The Stubby crew should cosplay when we go to this movie. Someone get me a pink bunny hat. —Em


Bill & Ted Face the Music (August 21st)

The best possible culmination of the Keanussance! (Who am I kidding—there will be no “culmination.” The Keanussance is eternal.) Plus the movie’s going to focus on B&T’s daughters‘ journey through time, rather than going the typical route of focusing on their sons. This movie fills me with hope. —Leah

The fact that this movie is going to exist at all is proof that we can’t be completely doomed as a species. Be excellent to each other, folx. —Em


Venom 2 (October 2nd)

I wasn’t sold on Venom until one of my smartest coworkers explained to me that it was a romcom between a garbage man and his alien symbiote. This was true, and now I am in desperate need of the sequel, please, don’t keep me waiting. —Em


The Witches (October 9th)

Roald Dahl adaptations are always extremely hit-or-miss, but with Alfonso Cuarón and Guillermo del Toro involved, color me intrigued… —Em


Death on the Nile (October 9th)

I wasn’t exactly blown away by Kenneth Branagh’s take on Murder on the Orient Express, but the cast for this film is frankly astounding, and I think I might be in just for that? —Leah


Halloween Kills (October 16th)

Halloween Kills Jamie Lee Curtis Michael Myers

Screenshot: Universal Pictures

I would have been very happy if 2018’s Halloween had ended with the legacy of Michael Myers—really, the legacy of Laurie Strode—going up in flames. But alas, they planned this quasi-reboot with an automatic sequel. The good news is, while we don’t know the actual plot, it will feature the return of three generations of Strode women: Laurie (Jamie Lee Curtis), daughter Karen (Judy Greer), and granddaughter Allyson (Andi Matichak). Putting aside Curtis’ incredible performance of a woman coming to terms with her trauma, Greer was the next best thing about Halloween, especially with her “I’m sorry mommy, I can’t!” act that caught Michael. I cannot wait to see her in the sequel, when her survivalist skills are no longer obscured behind a helpless facade. —Natalie


The Eternals (November 6th)

Eternals Logo: Marvel Studios

Like Guardians of the Galaxy, this is one of those stories that I’m desperately curious about Marvel’s ability to pull off in movie form. But it’s got a pretty genius cast list, so… maybe? —Em


Dune (December 18th)

The Sleeper… has… AWAKENED!!! *grabby hands* —Em


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