New Trailer for Pixar Film Onward Brings Your Dad Back For One Last Talk

The plot for the next Pixar film Onward has been something of a secret…until this new trailer.

The setting for Onward was revealed last May, when the first trailer depicted a double-mooned epic fantasy world that had since…developed into the post-industrial capitalist society that we experience in the modern day…complete with airbrushed vans, toll booths, and tucked-in shirts. This “what if” setting obscured the actual gut-punching premise of Onward: What if you could bring back a dead parent?

That’s the gift that Ian Lightfoot receives on his 16th birthday. Except, the spell goes wrong, and Ian only manages to summon his dad’s pants-clad bottom half.

Onward hits theaters in March 2020. Watch the trailer below:

via [Pixar]


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