Doctor Who Season 12 Trailer Brings Back Several Classic Monsters

Cybermen! Judoon! And the Racnoss? The first trailer for Doctor Who season 12 has just materialized, and it’s full of familiar adversaries, including what looks to be one creature last seen during the David Tennant era. Let’s get a shift on!

On Saturday, the BBC and BBC America released a 1-minute trailer for the new season of Doctor Who. The 13th Doctor is in a tux, traveling to Paris in the 1940s, plus facing down against several very familiar Who monsters including

  • The Cybermen
  • The Judoon (Previously confirmed)
  • And, most surprisingly, an alien that looks exactly like the spider-ish Racnoss from the David Tennant episode “The Runaway Bride.”

Watch the full trailer right here.

Right now, the release date for the new season of Doctor Who has not been confirmed, but according to some rumors, the new season will launch on January 1, 2020, with a two-part episode, and the new season will pretty much continue from there. If true, this would check with what the trailer says at the very end: “Coming In Early 2020.”

Will the Doctor be crossing into her own past? The addition of the Racnoss-ish alien and the badly-damaged Cyberman clearly makes it seem like this season — unlike season 11 — will rely on the rich mythology of the entire beloved series. And if that’s true, who knows, the Racnoss could just be the tip of a very wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey iceberg. With this trailer, Jodie Whittaker’s Doctor feels very much like something we remember from the Tennant or Matt Smith years. Which, if we’re being honest, makes us feel very warm and safe. Jodie Whittaker was our favorite version of the Doctor in season 11, and now, the Doctor is really back!


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