Infamous Han-Greedo Showdown Has Been Recut (Again) for Disney+

The Han Greedo scene is legendary for its place in Star Wars history due to the numerous recuts its been subject to as updated versions of Star Wars hit home media.

Now, the Han Shot First discourse has been revived due to a new cut of that scene in Star Wars: A New Hope on Disney+.

As Eric Fell noted on Twitter, the recut scene lets Greedo get in one more line before his and Han’s blasters go off.

This is the fourth version of the scene to appear in an official release: the original 1977, where Han appears to shoot (ahem) solo; the 1997 Special Edition that added in Greedo’s wide shot; the 2004 DVD edition which has Han and Greedo shooting at the same time; and now the 2019 Disney+ version, with Greedo getting in the last, baffling word.

Vanity Fair pointed out that the subtitles fail to include this new word—which fans have heard primarily as “Maclunkey”—so what it means in Greedo’s alien language is anyone’s guess. They also confirmed that Lucas made these particular edits to the scene roughly seven years ago, before Disney bought Lucasfilm, which has us wondering: WHY NOW?!


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