There May Be More Than a Year Between His Dark Materials Seasons 1 and 2

“A few years”? Hmmmm.

HBO’s adaptation of His Dark Materials doesn’t air for another two weeks, but already the cast and crew are hard at work adapting The Subtle Knife for season two. Ahead of the premiere date, Lin-Manuel Miranda, who plays Lee Scoresby, sat down with Entertainment Weekly, and had all sorts of interesting things to say about filming with puppets, daemon-human dynamics, his Texan accent, and His Dark Materials season two. Here’s what we learned!

  • Miranda’s Texan accent for Lee Scoresby is based on the actor’s Texan family members, who live in San Antonio, Corpus Christi, and Eagle Pass, a city “really close to the Texas border.” “They’re not the Texas that is usually represented on screen,” he said. “They don’t sound anything like Yosemite Sam.”
  • Miranda has already toured the set of Cittàgazze, one of the parallel worlds seen in The Subtle Knife. “It’s just wild,” he said. “You can see the influences from our universe, but they’ve blended it all together into something new and it’s really cool.”
  • It sounds like production has only just started on The Subtle Knife, so we may not see season two “for a few years.”

Check out the full interview here, which includes much much more about what Lin-Manuel Miranda is heading to next and more about how real the daemons were on-set. His Dark Materials airs on HBO November 4.


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