Paul Dano Cast as Riddler for The Batman, Jonah Hill Drops Out

What’s green, speaks in riddles, and is considered one of Gotham’s quirkiest villains?

We have no idea, but hey look! Paul Dano will be playing Riddler in the long-in-production bat-flick, The Batman, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The new superhero detective movie is meant to include a large cast of villains and Gothamites, according to filmmaker Matt Reeves, with Riddler simply the latest one to be added. (Zoë Kravitz was also revealed as Catwoman this week.)

Dano’s Riddler will be named Edward Nashton, who in the comics later changes his last name to Nygma when he adopts his beguiling trivia-app-esque persona. Corey Michael Smith was the most recent actor to play a version of Ed Nygma on Fox’s Gotham series, and of course who could forget this guy:

Jim Carrey as The Riddler in Batman Forever

Screenshot: Warner Bros.

Further rumors speculated that Jonah Hill was being courted for a role as The Penguin, although Hill reportedly dropped out earlier this week.

If The Batman is really going to go all “sinister six” on the character then may we suggest the addition of Clayface? We hear that Clayface is in town!

The Batman is currently set to debut in June 2021.


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