Here’s the Cast List for Marvel’s Helstrom

Helstrom has a cast! Deadline has revealed the actors who will be taking on the leads and supporting characters in Hulu’s upcoming adaptation of Marvel’s comic book series.

The titular Helstrom family will be played by Tom Austen, Sydney Lemmon, and Elizabeth Marvel. Austen (The Royals) will play Daimon Helstrom, a “professor of ethics” by day and an exorcist by night, while Lemmon (Fear the Walking Dead) will play Ana Helstrom, who runs a “successful auction house” but would really rather spend her time tracking down unsavory characters like her father. The pair are the offspring of a “mysterious and powerful serial killer” who team up to hunt down baddies of both the human and demonic variety. Meanwhile, Marvel (Homeland) plays their mom, Victoria Helstrom, who wants to rekindle her relationship with her kids after being institutionalized in a psychiatric hospital for the past 20 years for seeing demons, some of whom are very real.

As for the Helstrom family’s associates, they’ll be played by the following:

Robert Wisdom (Ballers) will be Caretaker, an occult expert who helps Ana with her demon-banishing duties. June Carryl (Mindhunter) will be Dr. Louise Hastings, a religious, open-minded psychologist who’s cared for the family while also running the hospital where Victoria’s been “monitored” for the past two decades. Ariana Guerra (Raising Dion) will be Gabriella Rosetti, a demon possession investigator who hails from the Vatican. Finally, Alain Uy (The Passage) will be Chris Yen, Ana’s “business partner,” “closest friend,” and “surrogate brother.”

Back in AugustHelstrom was announced alongside Ghost Rider as one of several interconnected shows that would launch Marvel’s new horror project, Adventure into Fear. A little more than a month later, Deadline reported that Ghost Rider, originally supposed to star Gabriel Luna, would no longer be happening, reportedly due to a “creative impasse.”

Helstrom is currently in production, according to Deadline. It’s uknown whether the show will still be launched as part of Adventure into Fear, or when it will start airing on Hulu.

“darkest flame”by Graham S Dean Photography is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0


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